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98 points for the Perwolff 2017
Top Ratings in the A La Carte Wine Guide 2020

Excerpt from the rating: deep, dark colour, strong, complex aromas, blackberry, blackcurrant, herbs, Canberra, fleshy wine, full-bodied, finely-meshed, lively flow, subtle, precise fruity finish, cornelian cherry and blood orange aftertaste, tremendous length and potential.

Other Ratings:
95 points for the Merlot 2017 and 94 points each for Alter Weingarten 2017, Spätfüllung Eisenberg DAC 2016, Eisenberg DAC Reserve 2017 and 93 points for Alter Weingarten white 2017.

25 Vintages Perwolff
From avant-gardist to cult wine of Austria

The year 1992 saw the first Perwolff vintage. It was one of the first ever Blaufränkisch wines developed in barrique form in the whole of Austria. That was revolutionary back then. Hermann Krutzler had planted increasing numbers Blaufränkisch grapevines in the mid-1960s.

Reinhold, Erich and Hermann Krutzler launched the Perwolff together in 1992. What began back then as a curvée made of Cabernet Sauvignon and Blaufränkisch, is made from 100 % top quality Blaufränkisch grapes today.

Enjoy relishing this wine.
Reinhold Krutzler.

The origins and development of our flagship wine Perwolff. We would like to thank Peter Schleimer from Vinaria for his great article on the Perwolff vintage 1999.


2018/19 Vinaria Wineguide
Our winery has landed in five-star heaven.

This is the highest category awarded by the Vinaria Jury. There are only 24 wineries in this category in Austria, so we are extremely pleased with this commendation – also for our colleagues.

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A la carte Trophee Gourmet
Winner at the A la carte Trophée Gourmet 2018

We are very happy to accept the Gold award in the category of “Winery” at the Trophée Gourmet!

96 POINTS from Stuart Pigott
Top marks (96 points) for Perwolff 2011

“Reinhold Krutzler‘s Perwolff had rapidly become the first collectible wine from the region.“

We are delighted with our top marks (96 points) from Stuart Pigott for the Perwolff 2011 and 95 points for the Perwolff 2013.

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